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watching them. i knew . or if i ever want to be a time when you're in a bit when you're watching our tea. one of the day with the team that look at how the obama administration is handling some very controversial legislation involving mandatory minimum sentence and attorney general eric holder has been at the forefront of the issue or during kenya's to a justice system that has resulted in severe overcrowding in jails and prisons across
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the country. but while mandatory sentences are being scrutinized on the national level one state is looking to expand the controversial bob that's the state of illinois of course the crux of the debate is playing out in one major city chicago the city has been no stranger to a whole host of gun and gang violence that seemingly growing more brand by the day art easel as long was on the streets of chicago brings us the story. it's known as the windy city be on the skyscrapers of downtown glance. chicago is known for something pounds. ryan. some of these streets are described as war zones where violence is part of the media line. she joked. though it is all about girls and one the fbi estimates there were five hundred murders here in chicago in two thousand to twelve alone more than any other city in the united states. that figure has given chicago the reputation as being america's murder
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capital. most of the deaths are results of gun violence around here. it's no secret if you want a gun. you can get one. by the uniform again you know i'd love love this tree down and get it. you don't know for sure that the city of chicago was trying to change that by imposing a mandatory minimum law for gun offences under the law. anyone caught with illegally possessing a gun would get a minimum three year sentence. it would have to serve eighty five percent of that. no exceptions. maya lin record for an arms old lady. the grainy gone. dalits of another old will carry these neighbors because they're scared because they beat the laws that the city of chicago is not a deal cannot actually protect them the proposed line designed to get tough on crime. but experts say mandatory minimum sentence is simply don't work there is no reliable evidence that mandatory sentences will deter crime
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zero reliable evidence critics of mandatory minimum sentences for similar measures in the warrant around us. mandatory minimum policies were enacted in nineteen eighty is america's prison population swelled up dramatically. chicago's cook county jail is a prime example of every ten thousand inmates and the cook county jail making it the largest in the united states population reached its highest in sixty years and it keeps on growing our prison system is the most crowded under resourced isn't all that country. we got up forty nine thousand people in a system built for thirty two thousand with jails and prisons across the country filling up top level political leaders are re examining mandatory minimum was because the oftentimes generate been fairly long sentences the we disrespect for the system. so there is the astral travel. we were awakened in her ears and says because people are starting to look at the research perhaps that's why the mandatory minimum
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proposal is the same tops mini state lawmakers in illinois. the long pass is expected to add forty thousand inmates over a decade to an already crowded system. seattle chicago unfortunately with a lot of improvements in its legacy of incarceration policy we have entire neighborhoods where people have grown up with our whole lives we don't panic at the northwestern school of law says better alternatives include boosting police presence and in acting programs that help troubled youth. we sold them to work here in chicago. i'm not promising interview with the younger people under twenty five who are most of the dying defendants in any camcorder. in america the goal would be keep people out of the jail cells that attack and more inmates and. in chicago has more on rte. southern discuss this topic a little bit more and
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join via rt correspondent ms mok in a flashback from chicago ap so much for coming and liz. first i'll talk about what the minimum since the sentencing law is right now as it stands the shell as it stands right now for the defences you can face the mandatory minimum of one year behind bars this line was extended time to three years so any offence he would be facing three years that is the mandatory minimum. now add this being pushed by a chicago mayor from the manual the police commissioner and several victims of gun violence in chicago as the sunken island is a huge problem there it's known as the murder capital of the united states five hundred murders in just one year people are sick of it politicians want lawmakers that one act like they are getting tough on crime doing something to address this done in sheer will not budge we're seeing a lot of resistance of the band chicago and told that this is one of the most contentious issues. they have ever seen because athletes on that story at the fish got good deals are already flooded
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the system is already flooded exposed at four thousand people one billion dollars over the span of the decade and people there saying you know what made the prison is not the best alternative maybe we need to look elsewhere in order to solve this problem has done epidemic in our society church and in the midst of guns in elkhart easy to get and chicago. i will take a look at something briefly there's a new technology in which you can actually create your own don using three d printer it sounds kind of depressed. i appear to mean this isn't were not far from from seeing this and become aware that more commonplace of course brings up issues of regulation a keen eye to anyone getting done at this point. what can the answer is sitting on a st chicago and in and didn't have to venture too far out to the ramparts i haven't signed the ritzy part of uganda downtown chicago and his rough neighborhood and i heard from people first and if that one guy and i know where to go i can get pretty much any kind and won nine over to talk to you
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it's pretty fine grained and people know that if they wanted then they can get one so the question is on whether or not. i think yes regulation needs to happen but is telling people in prison and walk in with the key going to address this problem. i can tell you from being out there in the community that gets you a day in a place where crime is still lingering on a weird being to sell part of the un this atmosphere that communities and a girl up and the most infamous and you know the drug cartels that gang violence and is of the compass factions within factions. these people are not going to be the ones that are going to say ok on the nepal the father to drop drop their guns and be like this lies in place to come in and get rid of my guns on the worry is that this can actually speed up a larger group of people people that live in these rough neighborhoods that are carrying a gun not that they might not be on the rights to have it but they're carrying one because they wanna feel safe in a very dangerous community and other theory is
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that that gail second of the flooded with people like that people that tomre not as a and that's the thing about me and care mandatory minimum was that it doesn't discriminate and whether your first time offender or more hardened criminal. you were in the face is mandatory minimum sentence on a long grey reporting was thank you so much. rt course on islam new details are emerging about how a former government contractor and with stunning gained access to that froze of the nsa documents he would later be to the press according to new information obtained by reuters stunning meantime engaged in some very low tech methods to gather the classified documents those methods include persuading between twenty and twenty five of his colleagues to his band era bond ins and passwords. the only did so by the mad at those passwords were needed in order to conduct his job as a computer systems administrators the weeks that would ensue represent the worst breach of
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classified data and all sixty one years of the nsa is existence. but this revelation is just the latest look at the inn adequate security measures that were employed at the time. last month. reuters also reported that the nsa had failed to install the most up to date the anti leak somewhere at the hawaiian site where edwards night and had been working. meanwhile warnings gathering. the news regarding glenn greenwald. that's the journalist who broke this whole entire story. we're now learning to read alan grayson who has been one of the most vocal and is it creates sent a letter to attorney general eric holder. last month seeking assurance that if greenwald were to come back to the us for a meeting with grace and he could do so with out being a rest day. he broke while bearing in mind that mr greenwald is a citizen of the us. he'd let me know whether the department of the justice of justice intends to bring charges against mr greenwald and whether the department of justice the department of homeland security or any
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other os is the federal government and cd key question our or prosecute mr green mile back in july greenwald was set to testify before congress via video link from brazil where he currently lives but that hearing was later canceled in the market as the united states it would be the first time since the nsa documents were first week in june and to assist those revelations leaked customers have become more and more wary of big tech companies like the rise and worried tnt. it's been revealed that they have forked over americans that idea to us by agencies. once mom internet service provider resisting pressure to all of that. it's called access and an aunt an independent company based in utah. the on line. the cacti and has refused to turn over customer data out without a warrant our team maria point nine reports. his ideal data center and here we are taking an exclusive tore through one of the few of the company's
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standing up to the us government in the name of privacy but we do president will act very well pete ashdown is the owner of the exhibition included hanging internet service provider based in salt lake city. this tower hear handel's most of our evening unlike most power players in silicon valley. next mission the few states to get the nsa back door access to its networks the nineteen ninety eight exhibition has rejected a dot to dot the left government house for more information stored on why conservatives like these. we don't share our information about our customers. bp don't have a war of the majority of law enforcement requests ashdown says he's received and perfumes have been sick the next lucky accountability and necessary approval by a jot. this is actually an amiga since launching his company in nineteen ninety three. ashdown says he's told no more than two customer data requests from
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the federal government was more like corey bring in customers with a small team of forty employees exhibition peterson thirty thousand customers who pay for foundation services like internet connectivity server location and the web or email hosting. were you and your data out there. soo i've seen and that the gap on all hands of that happening on our laps and he has been what's in store for us. the current climate of america's restraint surveillance matrix has been facilitated in part by verizon facebook and other giant corporations who spent the years secretly working with the nsa regulation government contracts and non monetary compensation are in my opinion the three reasons why they're cooperating ironically utah is probably the most unlikely home for
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privacy champion. roughly twenty seven miles away from x mission. is the anna sees newly constructed one point five billion dollars data center. i think it's a stain on the tech industry in utah all the nsa activities are a stain on american internet businesses. because people don't trust to put their information. stateside or ashdown has vowed to face jail time if that's what's needed to protect its customers from being monitored. what surprises this fourth amendment had the cake is that the data companies like google will promise to get to see. very non i am rt you tell. and today freedom of information and tickets from all over the world will be gathering in sixteen different cities to participate in a week and has caught on the memory and interactive this year and sports. they will be working on conscience he started or contributed to you but never got to finish. today no memory would have been sports is twenty seventh birthday
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sports was in an add on for nora's he was heavily involved in the development of the web feed format rss the website framework when got time. in the social news site and read it. however it was also known as an outspoken as active as for transparency and it's his work in every nap that ultimately led him to the charge that the computer fraud and abuse act where they see as eight eight. it's a piece of legislation many advocates are now calling palin a day. take a look at what peter higgins of the electronic frontier foundation had to say about that and a bipartisan bill named after and that was before and the cfa day he spoke to our tea at the los angeles death khan back in august. the cfa was reading in the eighties in response to threats that word you know shown in movies. and so that you can imagine that the language that doesn't really reflect the way that people use computers today so our errands like those thirty tightens up a few sections of the cfa to make
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it better reflects the content of the legislators and i'd make it less of a small they can be used by prosecutors say as ad server dragnet. of course after two years of struggling with federal prosecutors over his case sports tragically took his life in the wake of is that internet advocacy organizations and dedicated themselves both to reforming this legislation and to the cause is our most important and that's exactly what's playing out this weekend in an effort of global activism i hadn't heard this week. toronto mayor rob ford officially admitting to smoking crack cocaine at a press conference for its end quote. i know i embarrassed everyone in the city and i will be forever sorry there's only one person to blame for this and that person is myself unexpectedly however ford did not resign in the wake of this consent. perhaps he will have to do afterall its rival constituency may be sticking by him on getting their stamp of approval. rtc and zack's
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reports on. the on the through this is true mayor rob ford threatening to murder someone. the city was obtained by the toronto star and it actually rub board believes that the incriminating video there's another video long rumored to have existed showing the mayor smoking crack. trouble is that the doma or ford was forced to do what new mayor ever really wants to do and that's admit that he smoked crack yes i have smoked crack cocaine. roll it into line to the town and know when i tried it. only one drunken stupor is only approximately one year ago. so to recap here the mayor the fourth largest city in north america smoke crack and apparently wants to murder someone the interesting part. his approval ratings are going up
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as the toronto star reports since the crack revelations the mayor's approval rating has picked up going from thirty nine percent to forty four percent. meanwhile during the same time president obama is approval rating has dropped to thirty nine percent last week. his lowest ever. and his cheery day days are long behind them so what exactly is going on here well it's really easy to explain the president's failing numbers others to watch obama to roll out the nsa revelations a pretty crummy economy the perception that the wealthy are being catered to. while the working class has been left behind. all that stuff inspires pretty well together to sink some poll numbers. well things like smoking crack and there seemed caught on camera moments as much as the media likes to harp on them. really affect voters' perceptions your member marion barry and what he gets caught smoking crack all he was mayor of the year the nation's capital washington dc back in nineteen ninety even went to jail for it. how did
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the voters react. well they like to have mirrored in a few years later. because people like seeing humanity from their readers people like flaws voters can relate to people flawed like them let's face it. rob ford looks like a wacky uncle we all have croup. sometimes treats too much of family gatherings but he tells killer jokes and wrestles with all the cousins which are way nixon kind of trust or that unavoidable. even if his old accomplishment in office so far is privatizing part of the city's garbage collection. nope that doesn't excuse smoking crack but it explains why voters. it didn't cover for smoking crack. girl this was the best in former president george w bush also very flawed had going for him. that's the point the dentist pile on ethical scientists from york university toronto made recently in the washer post here are her bra board's appeal was that he does make a lot of mistakes he does speak it properly. his critics attack and that just
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reinforces the support among alienated populace to also feel that they don't always speak properly and that they make mistakes. us there was a somewhat similar dynamic that was often attributed to george w bush. more than york times criticized him for his binky or whatnot that bolster his support. there's new jersey governor chris christie. with a knack for connecting with voters of its homely appearance or penchant for angry outbursts whatever it is voters like him too. as this week's selections proofs more speed as a typical thing like yelling of voters rather than kissing babies his numbers go up. though i would suggest jump into using hard drugs anytime soon the point is the stereotypical politician whether cool electro like brock obama. her chiseled prep like mitt romney doesn't have as much slack with voters anymore because these guys have become the faces of what's wrong with politics
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not just in the us but intended to. meanwhile the unconventional route borders to chris christie's people who look like their fellow disenchanted average two americans and canadians they are gaining popularity no matter what still attends or crack pipes they may have in their closet. in washington dc same socks are too. and it seems like boring and more companies are offering us a way to get on this earth and get into outer space is all about merging old technologies the new ones and a burgeoning industry that's the score is an almost companies will soon offer you a ride to the stars the iraq if one company is taking it back to the basics fifteen people to the stars in none other than a balloon. of course i was a bit intrigued by then so i went to go find out just how all this works take a look. i knew the foliage of liege is a journey to our kids down to
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the movie classic. around the world in eighty days starting in twenty sixteen one company will send passengers ninety miles i write to the edges nice and offered this service not to run again. rather than a helium filled balloon the arizona based company called worldview enterprises has plans to attach a moment will pass rights capsule. i can hold up to six passengers and two crew members. after lifting off the balloon would take approximately an hour and a half to reach a height of one hundred thousand he and just try not to see the curvature of her. so how is it possible to take a bow like this all the way up to space flight came down to nasa's ballooning laboratory and wallop simon virginian to find out. this is where the magic happens. nasa is one and only them the workshop. it's home to a number of engineers and researchers whose sole focus is to make discoveries by sending scientific
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instruments up to the edge of space and back. when flights are actually of the will was for my flight and the physics are actually very simple the good you have buoyancy in the balloon. it lifts you up to a particular altitude in the new quad believe it or not the concept is just that simple. on the ground the balloon is filled with the very small amount of kiwi am and as a balloon ascends into the atmosphere and helium expands to volumes of up to forty million cubic feet. and while they are sturdy enough to carry it to eight thousand pounds. nasa has no intention of taking balloon and nations anytime soon but that hasn't stopped private companies from car during their own manned missions. just last year red bull sponsored daredevil felix and tom gardner to jump to earn from it for me and believe in setting a record for a parachute jump from the highest altitude. and outside the balloon flights companies like virgin galactic space acts will soon be offering commercial trips
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outer space by a rock it these private escapades are all part of a forcing industry had taken root in the last decade called space tourism. in fact in the next ten years the faa says this industry will be worth one billion dollars. the large growth considering it was just in two thousand and one that dennis tito an american engineer and multimillionaire became the very first space tourist and seemed very cavalier of the time and i think in our progress court has proven that even the wildest craziest ideas can become a reality that's tom shelley the president of the company responsible for making an unprecedented mission happen. we're waiting for a very successful very wealthy individuals to go to find space. we will continue to do that. we're very much looking forward to a new low a price that i've experienced being available the lower prices in the industry don't exactly translate to a little
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place overall. take a ride to be a rocket and are looking at a price tag of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars while a balloon ride is a bit more cost effective that seventy five thousand law might not seem like a competitive market just yet the choices for private space flight are growing by the day more and more companies are beginning a private eye some of the oldest technologies creating an opportunity for ordinary people to keep their way to the states in washington and irritated. our team. so here he discusses along with some other space issues making headlines i'm joined by jeff mander us based entrepreneur and author of book selling feasts that things are being initiated so i like edmonton the piece it's still kind of pricey you had these trips ranging from i seventy five thousand to two hundred and fifty thousand. i think a lot of people still can't really afford that it will traling to space geek sensible to the general population and anytime you can afford it
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her son to go to the real space the international space station runs about thirty million and that's from the russian rocket silly and that's what got us to get us ready and out and in so this is this is lowering the price and we're all excited about this so i mean it to the salon in net worth individuals that can afford to heat the olive. of course the meaning of the estimated to be a scholarship monday but it's going to be a long long time before it comes down below that even at these prices. virgin galactic has some six hundred and fifty people who have reservations is another small company kodak score. they have several hundred people to releasing the frontier finally opening now are you excited i am excited and i was about the dennis tito and and everyone thought we were crazy and doing that he wasn't the world's first space tourist into book form and still it's happening step by step by step and silly just great as they come back and they talk about and what do you think the potential as any me into thinking that one
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day have this be a functional form of transportation no way to use their house today. i mean they can just be for spaces to do a lot of people whose richard branson of virgin galactic. he talks about wanting it to be a point to point to go from scientists go to bangkok and forty five minutes so you don't only have space goals with this technology. those are more emotional fifty eight giving the whole society to experience the beauty of space but also i think that is not the next generation or two generations of aviation will be a point to point these airplanes ago stared into space and then landed near the side of the globe. now i absolutely love earlier this year we stopped at a company called orbital successfully sent its first rocket filled with supplies to the international space station. that's just one private company though were the major players the eye in the private space market right now and is there really a lot of competition that exists between them well it depends. we have competition in its new orbital cent of kilos the space station funded by nasa budget commercial chris if they don't succeed then
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they'll get paid their competition is the love must stay and he's the same to the same situation the to succeed. that's going to the space station and then below that the virgin galactic doing sub orbital x corps doing sub orbital. eli wants to take manned missions to mars and my company than iraq's we had to go both on space x and orbital and all of us there was no massive new government funded with real customers and sell its eight it is a new marketplace days and going off of that yet. e mail with nasa's funding really started started to dwindle private industries are picking up the slack. what are the implications of the company privatizing this industry and is a good thing a bad thing. what kind of think it's a good year i made the drive out to you why i think it's a good thing and that his government should not be involved in low earth orbit with code is fairly routine that we don't want the government doing things unless it's cutting edge governments not involved in aviation. bowling in
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the above said leno makes the planes is doesn't designed the current government is the design of computers watch the design a launch vehicle snaps of us it's very exciting black mass to go to mars let nasa us joint pains and cutting edge science and let the private sector do what we do best which has operations such as limewire turned to one more thing that's making headlines at the present not only do people have the ability to visit space that we face can visit either as nice as i add this to happen this past february and i showed that year the injured twelve hundred people. you know research this he came out saying that this is actually going to be happening ten times more than scientists originally thought. how did people really spend in just any nation we be scared or what to do what we should be scared i mean for us in the business one of the fundamental basis of the space program is to prevent us from getting wiped out as the ultimate environmental program and for us to the fact that people ignore this is like the person who will go to the doctor so i am eating we
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should focus on this we should try and come up with the means to prevent what will be an inevitable city one day be like to pass the real id appreciate you coming to chat briefly knocked down for as jack man versus beast on your heel and that does it for now from the story's be covered go to youtube dot com such rt america. check out our website our t dot com site usa council follow me on twitter and irritated. mm
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shea. yours. we goo. i want to is crying and trying to tell. the words from him learn and six will turn seventy three to seal a deal to ten p the new nuclear program is sitting down together for a second date and trying to agree on how to stop ten runs ukrainian activities in the tent for a possible easing of sanctions you look for and this time the homage of up to the east me tea with negotiate as from the united states russia and china and ten crowns and gemini. in its foreign policy


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